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Music in the Barn: Upcoming Artists


Worsell Manor Music in the Barn welcomes Bill Kirchen. Grammy nominated guitarist, singer and songwriter Bill Kirchen is one of the fortunate few who can step on any stage, play those trademark licks which drove the seminal Commander Cody classic Hot Rod Lincoln into the Top Ten nationwide, and elicit instant recognition. Named a “Titan of the Telecaster” by Guitar Player Magazine, he celebrates a musical tradition that embraces rock ‘n’ roll, blues and bluegrass, Texas Western swing and California honkytonk. Nick Lowe describes Bill as “… a devastating culmination of the elegant and funky… a really sensational musician, with enormous depth.”

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Worsell Manor Music in the Barn welcomes back Craig Bickhardt & Jack Sundrud (from POCO for their second Music in the Barn Performance). Craig Bickhardt and Jack Sundrud do it all with a wry nonchalance that belies their uncommon craftsmanship. These guys know the high road of country-rock better than most.

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Worsell Manor Music in the Barn is excited to welcome Lizzy Ross and Omar Ruiz-Lopez of Violet Bell. Ross and Ruiz-Lopez played and toured for years before their paths crossed. When they finally did meet, it was electric. The duo brings this passion to their live shows. Whether they’re playing an intimate acoustic tune or sprawling out in psychedelic revelry, you can feel the magic.

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Worsell Manor Music in the Barn is excited to welcome back Jon Carroll for his 3rd Music in the Barn Performance. At age 18, Jon Carroll was a founding member of Starland Vocal Band, recording the #1 Pop hit “AFTERNOON DELIGHT”. The group went on to be nominated for 5 Grammy Awards, winning 2: for Best New Artist & Best Arrangement for Voices. Since then, Jon has not slowed down as a performer, composer, arranger, producer, songwriter and musician.

His work has been recognized repeatedly over the course of many years by the Washington Area Music Association (or WAMA), and he and his works have been awarded over 20 Wammies as a Vocalist, Instrumentalist, Songwriter and Artist.

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Worsell Manor Music in the Barn is excited to welcome Glenn Alexander and Shadowland of the Asbury Jukes. Shadowland evokes a sense of unreality – mysterious phantoms in an indeterminate place, shrouded in uncertainty. Shadowland was also the name of a roadhouse club where the first electric guitar debuted in 1932 in Wichita, Kansas. The music of Glenn Alexander and Shadowland brings these two seemingly disparate notions together into a band that evokes the soulful vibe of a historic honky tonk, while keeping you guessing what’s coming next. At its core, Shadowland is guitar driven, horn-laced, in-your-face, rockin’, soulful, blues-drenched music.

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Worsell Manor Music in the Barn welcome back the award winning Susan Greenbaum. Susan has won several national songwriting awards, most recently the Smithsonian Songwriters Award and the Philadelphia Songwriters Project songwriting contest. She was also the Grand Prize overall winner of the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest and also the second-place overall winner in the same contest—the only time in the contest’s three-decade history that the same artist had won multiple overall prizes.

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