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Mark Twain 2.0 By Paul Mast

Sunday, June 30  ●  12:00-1:30pm Performance 

Worsell Manor welcomes you to a unique one man performance by Paul Mast.

Mark Twain died in 1910, but his humor, comedic insights and genuine wisdom live on. His legacy is alive every time someone quotes one of his celebrated intuitions, or references him in a lecture, a book or dissertation. Actor Hal Holbrook brought him to life for 60 years with his award-winning performance of “Mark Twain Tonight.”

Author Paul Mast will take a bow performing “Mark Twain 2.0.” He will bring to life a magical and modern-day version of the witty and legendary man from Missouri. Mast presents Twain, as an Oracle returning from The Beyond, to remind us why, even in the 21st century, he is still our greatest American storyteller. Using modern social media, #movements, current political issues, news pundits, and religious institutions, Mast will grab and transform the imaginations of audiences to harness new energy for being disciples of “The Mark Twain School of Humor.”

Regular Price: $15
Senior Price: $5
Student Price: $5
VIP Meet & Greet $30

*Appetizers and beverages will available prior to the performance.