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Worsell Manor is thrilled to share the love story of Krystina and Bryan, who recently tied the knot here with us! It all started in the summer of 2020, when the world was facing a global pandemic and Krystina signed up for Bumble…

The Love Story Begins…

The month was June and it was the ultimate Bloch party, with Krystina & Bryan’s family taking full advantage of the Manor House & our cottage the entire weekend. But first, let’s go back a couple of years– In 2020, the world faced devastating challenges as a global pandemic took over our daily lives as we knew them. Krystina had just signed up for the popular dating app, Bumble, only to quickly delete the app, but not without Bryan first securing her phone number. The two chatted back and forth over the course of a few months until finally Krystina couldn’t make up any more excuses to avoid the commonly dreadful “first date”. This wasn’t without first discovering they’d been at the same place at the same time without knowing, multiple times. As it turns out, Bryan’s kind nature and sense of humor could have long been enhancing Krystina’s new pandemic lifestyle of isolation. The two of them quickly realized that while they enjoyed some of the mystery of being ‘pen pals’, they were missing out on making some incredible memories without spending time together in real life.

The Ultimate Bloch Party

Fast forward to June 2022, the sun is shining, our masks are off, and Miss Twist Ice Cream Truck just pulled in the driveway. That’s right, one of the amazing contributions to Krystina & Bryan’s wedding day was a fully-loaded ice cream truck! That wasn’t all the sweet stuff their wedding day had to offer, Krystina & Bryan also opted for Waffle ‘N Joe Food Truck to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth after T & M Catering served the best prime rib we had all year. Krystina’s mom, who was a total rock star throughout the planning process and wedding day, also opted for Freedom Farm Tables & benches to accommodate guest seating during their reception. While many clients utilize our round tables & chiavari chairs, these two offered an alternative dining experience as well as a lounge.

Aside from saying ‘I do’, Krystina had a top priority on her wedding day, which was to be fully present. With the help of their coordinator, Olivia Yeatman, Krystina & Bryan were able to turn off their phones, avoiding any disappointing (& unfortunately, notorious “regrets texts”) the day of their wedding and fully bask in the beauty of it. The two lovebirds also took advantage of our Small Barn, located directly next to their reception, and enjoyed a private meal together between cocktail hour and dinner. The couple later stated this was absolutely essential in taking a moment to breathe, regroup, and privately connect before spending the rest of their evening with loved ones. Mindful brides, we recommend you give a private dinner with your new hubby a chance– it’s a game changer!

Next, we ask, to stay all weekend, or not to stay all weekend? After hearing about Krystina’s morning on her wedding day, gazing out the kitchen window at the sprawling fields her family & friends were soon to occupy, we can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to. Our beautiful bride said a hugely relaxing factor to her wedding experience was the convenience of being able to set up and pack up at a leisurely pace, which staying overnight at the Manor House allows. Not to mention the historic beauty each room has to offer. 

How are they doing now?

In a more recent chat with the newlyweds, we had the opportunity to follow up on some important details we’d been wondering about. Namely, how is their unity ficus from their front yard ceremony doing? With Krystina’s background in bartending, was the Premium Bar package up to her standards? We’ve got the scoop, and it’s all so good! Ficaro, the ficus these two watered with their families after saying their vows under the massive sycamore tree, is thriving! We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of how tall she’s grown since June during our recent chat. & The best part about the bar, Krystina said? Having been a bartender herself, our bartenders impressed both Krystina & Bryan with their ability to be flexible, fast and friendly from start to finish!

We couldn’t have pulled this amazing wedding weekend off without help from our friends. Check out the amazing documentation of their wedding day, a contribution by Katelyn Prince Photography, as well as their vendor team below. 

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