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The Manor

Over 300 Years of History

Worsell Manor is appointed with a beautiful expansive foyer leading to a brick floored sun porch with views of the gardens, farm fields and rustic barn. Worsell Manor is within 1.5 hours driving distance to major mid-Atlantic cities and just 10 minutes from Middletown, Delaware.

On either side the 1st floor you will find a reception living room, sitting and breakfast room, formal dining and bar room that leads to The Kitchen. All of the rooms have beautiful fireplaces. All have high vertical windows bringing a beautiful sense of light to the Manor interior.

The L-shaped stairs lead to a second floor and third floor. The 4 bedrooms on the second floor have detailed colonial woodworking and comfortable sleeping and sitting areas. There is a modern bathroom on this floor. The upper floor has two bedrooms with original beams for a rustic country feel and a spacious well-designed bathroom.

*Weddings booked for a Saturday will have the option of decorating the venue on the Friday before.

Hotel accommodations are as close as 10 minutes away and bridal party & guests can rent a nearby Manor Home & Cottage.

Worsell Manor

555 Worsell Manor Road
Warwick, MD 21912

(410) 656-4144

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